Bedside Etiquette

I’ve had a bit of a love/hate relationship with our bedroom.  I LOVE SLEEPING.  I LOOOOOVE sleeping.  And I feel really strongly that your bedroom should be a cozy sanctuary without distraction where you can kick back, unwind and enjoy some indulgent you-time. 

However, between moving in to our rental-sweet-rental when I was significantly pregnant and the busy schedule of a working mum, it has been pretty low on my list of priorities to invest in.  Our bedroom is basically the place where we crawl up to at the end of the night, tip-toeing around so as to not waken his nibs down the hall and the place we flurry around in the morning as we rush out the door to our respective places of work.

That way of living does not a sanctuary make.

I have mentioned previously that I REALLLLLLLY want to make something of the wall above our bed.  It’s so pathetic, oatmeal coloured (landlord paint colours), bland and is in such desperate need of an aesthetic cuddle.  My problem is commitment.  I really want to put some good prints and bits and bobs up there, but I take way too long to make decisions like that and end up talking myself out of every cute pinterest print that catches my eye. I’ve even gone as far to create a pinterest board to try and consolidate my ideas for the bedroom, but I can’t bring myself to make it happen. Pathetic.  (oi! – you can have a nosy at my pinterest bedroom inspiration board here – let me know what you think – help me make some decisions!)

Jeepers that was a long intro to share that I’ve started small in my journey to a cozier bedroom space and actually made some use of my bedside cabinet (IKEA’S finest) from a collection of stuff I found in little charity shop trawl. 

That’s my side of the bed.  We’ve tried to switch it up but it’s just wrong. 

On the bedside are these:

China cup and saucer – not for drinking obviously.  It’s there for prettiness, holding my everyday jewellery that I take off at night, the odd hair bobble and hair grip, and possibly a previous breast pad holder when I was nursing.  The china was a gift from a friend who was clearing the house of a loved one that had passed away.  Instead of putting it into the charity shop, she saved a step and gave it to me.

The oil painting I scooped at a Cancer Research a few months ago and was waiting to put it above the bed with the other prints that I am someday going to be brave enough to choose and order, but I started feeling really bad that it hadn’t been given the opportunity to be seen because it truly is a beauty and was only £5!

The pink lamp was shadeless when I got it for a quid at the Drop Inn Charity Shop.  It was one of those items that I had walked past and half admired on 2348 visits to the shop and finally got a life and bought it.  I tidied it up with a new shade and it really looks the part.  Can you believe we went 18 months in this house without a bedside lamp? 

Anyway, it’s getting there and hopefully my next bedroom post will be me revealing my awesome non-bland wall of quirkiness above the bed. 

I’m hooking up with Miss Lizzie B for her Magpie Monday blog fiesta so if you like looking at how other people have gone a bit second-hand crazy, that’s your spot.


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