Ahoy Mateys!

Mother of pearl, have I had a blooming BRILLIANT week of finds in the charity shops.  So much so that I feel I need to reveal them over time instead of blurting them all out here not to be appreciated in the masses.

A couple of weeks ago I did a little blog on the Charity Shop Hop on Hope Charity Shop here in Lurgan.  While I was snapping some pics of the shop in all its glory, I stumbled across THIS dress (why yes, I did get fitted for a new bra yesterday – thanks for noticing):

The bold stripes gripped me and I PRAYED it would fit.  It did, and despite my husbands incessant comparing of my clothing to random occupations (with this dress apparently I look like a sailor – which I’m fine with – sailors are totally in right now, but last week I was wearing my new favourite dress and in the SAME day he told me I looked like both a Roman Centurian and one of the 12 disciples.  Thanks husband.)

Anywhoo, I bought it for £2.50 and was on my way.  It’s actually properly vintage (not like bought in 2001 vintage, but 1970’s vintage) and fits really well.  If only we had a good day of springy sun for me to parade around in it. SIGGGHHHH.

I also wanted to show off this bit of cookware that I found at another charity shop for £3.  I love the print and it looks really lovely stacked with roast potatoes in it and presented on the dinner table. 

When you’re cooking with a one year old on the scene, cookware with lids are essential.  You never know when you’re gonna have to put that casserole back in the over to keep warm while you a) refill the sippy cup to distract one year old b) prevent said one year old from eating paper c) fish out said paper that made its way into said one year olds mouth etc etc etc.

I’m linking today’s post up with Magpie Monday where loads of bloggers show off their latest charity shop finds which is usually hosted by Miss Lizzie B but because she’s on her hols, the lovely Lulastic is linking us all together.  Check it out! 


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