Thrifty Thursdays – Enter the Green Room

I would like to let it be publically known that I am still pretty crap at buying ethical clothing.  Sure, I’ve upped my charity shop clobber purchasing, but I still find it hard to resist a cheap top here or an accessory there.  Having been a long time fan of ASOS, I was really pleased to see they now offer a more ethical/eco range of designers and products for the more ethically conscious consumer. They even have their own range of ethical clothing made in Africa called ASOS Africa

It’s a huge relief to me to have some choice like this.  I know there are lots of ethical clothing companies – many of whom seem to cater to less stylish market (think loads of crotchet – and not the good kind).  Being someone who LOVES putting together a good look, I really struggle with the idea of having to sacrifice style in my quest to figure out ‘who makes our stuff’ and thankfully, it looks like I don’t have to. 

For those interested in this quest too – I’ve put together a few of my top picks for under £50 


1.  This confetti dress is tres cute.  It’s made by Aimee for People Tree and is made with organic cotton and is a bargain at £38.50.  Check it out here.


2.  Boom – this dress is SO beaut.  It’s a shirt dress – would look AWESOME with some bold jewellery and maybe a thin belt.  It’s ASOS Africa and is £50.  Have a closer look here.


3.  Hello new summer top – welcome to my wardrobe!  Love this – from the print to the orange edging.  It’s classy and funky in one little bundle.  It’s also ASOS Africa and is £30.  Check check check it out.


4.  THIS DRESS.  I love the cut – again the same print as the top above (also ASOS Africa), but it has the extra detail of a patched piece on the right side to give some edge.  £50 and can be seen in more detail here.


5.  How cute.  This little swan top with the lace collar is just the sweetest.  It’s by a relatively new designer called Johann Earl and is £30.  Sounds expensive for a t-shirt right?  Think about all the little ‘bargains’ you pick up on a monthly basis – the crappy little primark vests that stretch and discolour and are naff.  Add those up and you could probably buy two of these.  There’s loads more similar to this – plain and pattered.  Well worth checking out here.


6.  Now, the question about this dress is not if I would be prepared to pay £38 for it.  I think I would.  The question is…can I pull off a semi-see through lace panel?  I really don’t know – what do you think?


7.  SAILBOAT SCARF!  I mean, is there a better combo than sailboats on a scarf?  So cute.  It’s by an ethical designer called Lowie and is £45.  I probably couldn’t justify £45 on a scarf, but it is DEFINITELY lovely and someone with more money than me should buy it.  See more here.


8.  Finally – this little Johann Earl Spot Jumper.  £40 and the little lace peter pan collar ties up at the back (you KNOW I love a peter pan collar – I even blinking well made my own!).  He does a little variety of jumpers in a similar style – have a nosy here.

That’s your lot.  Like I said everything is under £50 – lots of variety!

I have to say before I go, I was also really impressed to see that ASOS Green Room also does shoes, accessories, jewellery and cosmetic products.  AND – they stock Monkee Genes (which I posted about here ages ago!)

So then, what do YOU think?  Would you be prepared to swap your topshop bits for some of these?  Are they a good enough combo of stylish and affordable?  Let me know what you think!


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