Charity Shop Blog Hop – Hope

Alright alright – I’m a little late to the hop, but I’m here now so give over.

I didn’t get to post a little ditty about my favourite charity shop when Lu and her army of charity shoppers were linking up for the charity hop blogfest, but I felt really left out and wanted in on the action so here I am. A bit like the kid that shows up late for the school trip, having forgot their packed lunch and their permission slip and is begging the teacher to let them on anyway (that kid was me).

It’s really easy for me to give you the low down on my favourite spot to bag a second-hand bargain – mainly because my hubsters parents own it and work in it and they are pretty special peeps. 

I’m pretty versed in the local charity shop scene in the wider Craigavon area but obligations aside, Hope Charity Shop is hands down the most reasonable, well laid out, friendly and fully stocked charity shop of them all.

Tucked down Union Street in Lurgan, the shop itself is pretty massive as far as charity shops go.  In fact, before it was Hope, our church, Emmanuel used to meet here before it outgrew it.  Most days you’ll find the lovely Laura serving behind the till, but on a Saturday you’ll be welcomed by my fabulous mother-in-law Iris.  You’ll know she’s working because sitting amid the stock you’ll also find numerous cups of unfinished tea from where she’s been chatting with customers and had to nip back to the till.

I’ve scooped up many an awesome item from Hope from big bits like tables and chairs to smaller bits and bobs like plates and teapots and cups as well as some excellent bits of clothing.  Loads of the vintage shops and furniture upcycling shops come here first to nab the goods, but since I’ve got my own personal scout, I get pretty good dibs (my mother-in-law is getting very close to ‘getting’ my vintage/retro style).

Without further adieu, here’s some of the bits of the shop I think are looking particularly snazzy these days, including some gear I’d love to get my hands on but have nowhere to put.

This awesome old dresser, stocked with fabbbbb dinnerware.

Loads of clothes, china cabinets etc.  (hot husband is not for sale)

I love this old teak table and chairs.  Going for a song, I hope it finds a good home.

When the idiot moving company (that I’m actually legally not allowed to name) broke all our wedding china en route from London to Northern Ireland last year (and refused to fully compensate), I made a good dent in the plate supply here.

I love this old sideboard.  The left hand side is fully drawered.  LOVE.

This retro sofa also needs a good home…

I’m taking the risk by posting this picture that this mixer will be snapped up by the time I sneak back to buy it, but seriously – how cute!

So there you have it.  A little peak into the world of Hope Charity Shop.  If you happen to be in this neck of the woods and love a little rummage then this is the stop for you!


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