Jubilee Weekend Wedding

Who doesn’t love a good wedding?  While you were all having street parties in the rain and watching the jubilee festivities on the telly, our friends Tim and Carly were wed.  To say it was a welcome distraction from all the pomp and circumstance would be an understatement. 

I nervously sang her down the aisle at church, they made their vows and then we dropped Levi off for a sleepover at his grandparents and headed down the road to the beautiful Lough Erne Resort for the reception.  The whole day was so elegant and tasteful.  Carly is normally so beautiful but yesterday she glowed.  Here’s a little taste of the big day through my lens… 

Chief bridesmaid and one of my BFF’s Lyns with her youngest and Levi’s wee bud Theo.

Scrubbing up rather well…

Cutest little homemade jam favours!  Edible favours are the BEST.

The looks-too-cute-to-eat cake by Joanna Ferguson

Fancy cupcakes also by Jo.


My boyo and I taking in the scenery on the Lough.

I mean, she GLOWS!

First dance and boogie inducing tunes courtesy of The Gents.

And thus ends the lovely extended bank holiday weekend.  Tomorrow I’m going to do a curious little post about our diamond Lizzie. 


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