I’m no profressional…

A couple of months ago my old friend Glenda asked me if I would come and take some pics of her and her bridal party getting ready on the morning of her wedding. She wanted some informal behind the scenes shot, so there was no big pressure (phew!).

I’m definitely not a pro at photography, I just love having a go and Glenda, like myself loves the vintage relaxed look so I went along happily and snapped away and I was really happy with how they came out.  It wasn’t hard to take good shots seeing as Glenda and all her posse are stunning and her mums beautiful country home had the perfect light streaming through every window. 

The whole morning was really chilled – bacon sarnies, bucks fizz, hair, make up, pressie.  It was lovely. One lovely touch was that only Glenda and her mum had seen her wedding dress before she put it on.  She kept it a secret from her bridesmaids until she came down the stairs wearing it on the day.  I felt really privileged to be let into the (I kid you not) locked bedroom where the dress was kept to take some pictures of it in all it’s glory before she put it on.  So beautiful.

Anyway, it was a lovely morning so I’ve picked a few of my favourite pics out to show you…

I loved this old school roller setter machine.

action shot…

Glenda’s brothers getting their kilts on (her hubby-to-be is a Scotsman)

The maids dresses were this awesome electric blue colour. 

Beautiful right?


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