A Strong United Response

I don’t usually ask people to do things like this on my blog, but the response I’m discussing below has been a real labour of love for me and my abolitionist pals here in Northern Ireland and we would love to have as many people join us online in agreement with the reccomendations that we are asking of our Dept. of Justice.  If you could take a few minutes to read and respond…

a) I’d love you forever.

b) You’ll be doing an awesome thing by speaking up for those hidden in slavery & horrific exploitation right here on our doorstep.

c) I’ll repay you in jelly babies.

If option b) doesn’t make you wanna read on then feel free to hold me to account on a) and c).

Anyway – here’s what the deal is:

In April 2012, The Department of Justice released a public consultation to amendments they have made to legislation on human trafficking in Northern Ireland.  They also called on the public to respond with their thoughts on how the department should engage with non-government organisations and other group on human trafficking issues.

A joint response to this has been composed to represent the thoughts of groups and organisations raising awareness in local communities and on a national level here in Northern Ireland.  The groups represented are:

No More Traffik

The A21 Campaign

Solas Trust

Craigavon A.C.T.

North Down A.C.T.

Belfast Abolition Collective

Each of these groups are sending this same response to the Department of Justice separately.  We want to show that as groups already raising the profile of this crime here in Northern Ireland, we are united in vision and purpose.  We are calling on as many of you as possible to join us in doing that.  You don’t need to belong to any of these groups to participate in this response.  

You can do this in 3 easy steps that will take you less than 5 minutes:

1) Have a read through our response to the DoJ Public Consultation and if you agree with our recommendations, save the PDF to your computer. Our response highlights ways in which we feel the Government could work with the public. Feel free also to mention concerns about our Government’s manner of dealing with the issue itself. Guidance on this from CARE. 

2) Compose a short email to the Department of Justice EUhumantraffickingdirective@dojni.x.gsi.gov.uk using this subject line: A UNITED RESPONSE TO THE CONSULTATION ON HUMAN TRAFFICKING.  Keep your email brief & polite – stating your agreement with what the document proposes and make sure to attach the PDF to your email.

3) Share this page with your Facebook and Twitter friends so we have as many people responding with the same message as possible.

We would love as many people as possible to join with us on this important part of the campaign to liberate Northern Ireland from Human Trafficking.


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