I have a one year old.

I keep saying it out loud.  I have a one year old son.  No matter how many times I repeat it, it still sounds a bit like I’m playing grown-ups except I really am a grown-up.  Apparently.

My wee man turned one on Saturday.  My mum and Auntie Moe arrived from Canada on Friday (and brought the lush weather with them!) just in time to celebrate so we had a party.  There was sunshine, little baby buddies and their parents (mainly just an excuse for us to have our friends over), a BBQ, pressies, singing and CAKE!

This is as good a family pic as we’re gonna get…

A little mild flirting with Belle…

Skyping in with Uncle Tim & Auntie Andrea

How awesome was Levi’s cake?!  I did not make it.  An awesome local cake-maker made it – Frosted Teapot – check her out.  Seriously YUM.

That was Saturday, and then on Sunday the sun lingered around so we took off to have a picnic at the beach and I FINALLY got to have a dip in the sea. 

Poor Auntie Moe hurt her back last week and is totally rocked the wheelchair look at the beach.

Lovin’ having his Nanna here for snuggles.

Safe to say, Levi did not dig his foot dip the sea.

Man, I love these two.  Anyway, not the most thrilling, thought-provoking post ever, but definitely a weekend worth documenting. 


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