Thrifty Thursdays – 3 Step Collar!

You like my new peter pan collared top?

Oh you do, do you?

Well guess what – it’s not even a top!  It’s a detachable collar and I made it!  I KNOW!

I’ve had a bit of a penchant for this peter pan collar look at the moment and have seen loads of fabulous ones in the shops for a pretty penny.  I figured it couldn’t be hard to make one myself so I had a whirl.  Honest to goodness, it was even easier than I thought.  I am still quite excited by the possibilities of this make-your-own collar thing, because it means that I can jazz up SO many of my boring old tops and dresses! Hurray for giving new life to old things!  Thrift at its best!

I now present you with your very own 3 step tutorial on making this for your sweet self.

Pick your fabric (I went with a soft leather) grab a pair of sharp scissors and a couple of longish bits of ribbon to coordinate or accent your fabric (I went for a thin ribbon for the tie at the back and a bit of light blue lace for the front).  You will also need to cut out two half moon shapes on a bit of paper as a template.  Have a go at placing them around your neck and check in the mirror for size and shape and adjust as necessary.  It’s easier to do this now than get in a fuss with the fabric by trying to resize it.

Pierce two holes in your fabric/leather at the bottom corners – they should meet right in the middle of your collar bone.  Feed your ribbon or lace through both holes to meet at the front and tie a little knot to keep it in place.

Pierce two more holes at the top corner of the fabric/leather at the other end of the moon.  Get two more bits of ribbon and tie and knot each of them onto both the holes seperately to create your tie for the back!

Harness that beauty round your neck and play around with the adjustment of the tie at the back.  This will obviously vary according to what top you wear it with. 

No joke, it’s just that easy. 

What do you think?  For me it just adds that somethin’ somethin’ to a plain top to bring your outfit to life!


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