Behind The Scenes with Magpie Events!

I had a lovely afternoon yesterday up in Bushmills hosting a Magpie Events Hen Party.  It was the first time that I had hosted for people that I didn’t know or had some connection with, and with it being over an hour from home (meaning I couldn’t pop home if I forgot some crucial bit of kit), I was so anxious that it all went smoothly. 

Luckily, my beautiful friend Jen was over visiting from London.  Jen and I met in High School in Canada and got up to all kinds of trouble in our sewing class when we were 15.  She’s SUPER creative and crafty and was the perfect assistant to have with me in the prep and on the day.

Although Magpie Parties are very dear to my heart and I love doing them SO much, there really is a whole lot of prep work that goes into making each one really special and detailed.  I thought I’d give you a little insight into what goes on leading up to a Magpie Party and show you some snaps from yesterdays festivities. 


Above:  I like to send guests home with a little goodie bag to put their crafty bits into along with any leftovers, so we made a little extra special personalised tea bag for them to enjoy at home!

Above:  Each one handmade!

Above:  Checking on the baking…

Above:  Icing these mini-cupcake bad boys with my new Pampered Chef icers – GREAT purchase.

Above:  Just a small bit of the gear that has to be lugged along to each event…

Above:  The venue for the party was the most beautiful home of the bride-to-be’s parents up in the countryside near Bushmills.  It’s always a treat when you arrive up to such an idyllic home – it was like something out of a magazine!

Above:  Decking the halls! (check out that LUSH Belfast sink!)

Above:  Setting the table with all my china & bits and bobs

Above:  I made the little pom-poms to go on to of the cake – saw it on good old pinterest!

Above:  After tucking into the tea party we served in the kitchen, I sat down with the gals and talked through each of the crafts they were going to do…giving ideas, doing demonstrations, showing some samples etc.

Above:  And of course there are always some hiccups – I sat on the harth of the fireplace to chat and got coal on my bum!

Above:  My beautiful assistant Jen!  Doesn’t she look like she just fits right in at that house with her pretty frock?!

Above:  Some of the finished crafty bits – Bow shoe clips & a jubilee inspired tea-light lantern!

Above:  Magpie Ladies!

And there you have it!  It’s so brill to see how into it the guests get, how much time they take pouring over their choices of fabric, ribbon and buttons and then proud they are of their little creations when they finish – I hope Magpie Events can be proof that absolutely anyone can be crafty and how easy it is to make lovely things from the simplest of supplies. 

I’ll be posting some more pics from the party over on the Magpie Events Facebook page.  If you’re not already a ‘liker’, come on over and join the fun!


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