Thrifty Thursday – Vintage Style

Well hello there strangers…it’s been a while. You good?

I was swanning around Cardiff visiting my brother and sister-in-law over the bank holiday and things with work and Craigavon ACT stuff have been really busy, but I thought I’d get back on the blog horse with a little thrifty thursday fashion post.

As much as I try to avoid the high street clothes shops, sometimes I succumb. As much as I try to rummage around charity shops for clothes and accessories, sometimes there is very little on the rails that fits/isn’t stained/doesn’t look like something a granny would wear (and I’m not even talking about the cool granny-chic look…that I can just about manage).

In the middle of all of that there are vintage shops. They mainly get their stuff from charity shops, but they have such an eye for the good stuff – often getting there before us misers get a chance and scooping up the wear-worthy bits. There are a couple of online vintage shops that I look through regularly. I used to love going into the different vintage shops when we I lived in London. Camden has a load of them; Notting Hill and Covent Garden too, although they can be ridiculously over-priced.

Despite some of the crazy prices for vintage clothes (which they can get away with now that it’s really cool and more mainstream fashion than minority fashion) the thrifty power in buying from these shops is that you aren’t contributing to the fast-fashion market – buying new all the time. Buying vintage means you are reusing, reloving, rewearing something that someone else doesn’t want. Although you aren’t giving to charity when you buy this stuff, it’s likely that the shops have – and so there’s a bit of good in there somewhere (at least that’s what I tell myself).

Anyway, I’ve picked a few dresses from a couple of online vintage shops for you to see that second hand clothes can be really on trend and beautiful.

1. Mint Dress from Rokit – £40

2. Floral Shirt Dress from LoveMissDaisy – £40

3. Pleated Floral Dress from Steptoes Dog – £36

4. Multicoloured Strip Shirt Dress from Rokit – £40

What do you think? Would you buy from second-hand vintage shops? Do you know of any good ones online or local to Northern Ireland? Are these dresses worth the asking price?


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