Thrifty Thursdays – Finishing Touches

Last weekend was a weekend full of celebrations – how LOVELY.  My mister landed himself an awesome new 5 year full-time post running a new youth work project (yayayayayayay), I headed out on the tiles on Friday night to the Groovy Train in Belfast to celebrate my friend Carly’s hen party and on Saturday afternoon we had a little baby shower at my house for my friend Sooz. LOVELY.

I tried to get a little crafty for the ladies I was celebrating and I thought I’d show you for Thrifty Thursday because these little touches were so easy and could easily be whipped up from stuff you have to hand.

I know, I know – I’m kind of obsessed with washi tape, but SERIOUSLY GUYS it’s the best stuff ever.  I made Carly this little happy hen bunting card with little cut out triangles of washi tape and a few stamps from my alphabet stamp set (also a growing obsession).  Cute innit?

For the Soozerooni, we had a book-themed baby shower and everyone brought a little children’s book that they loved (new or used) for her to start a little library for her kiddo.  To mark the occasion, I thought it might be nice for her to have a little book of her own for us friends to write some well wishes & happy thoughts in so I used a tutorial I saw over on ‘A Beautiful Mess’ (omw, this blog is my happy place – hours of pouring over super trendy DIY’s to be had). 

To make your own little book, all you really need is a bright cover (I kept with the storybook theme and took a page out of a vintage book that had already been damaged), a few sheets of paper, an embroidery needle, a bit of wool and some tape (washi for me of course).

First you fold the bright cover over the blank sheets for writing on in the inside then stitch through the middle of the fold on the inside. 

Then you just secure and cover the wool showing on the outer edge with some washi tape (or not! – you could just leave it showing) and hey presto – you’ve got yourself a homemade notebook!

I also made a little group of hanging storybook pinwheels for the baby shower…it was dead easy too.

All you need to do is fan-fold (long ways) three A4 sheets of paper (obvs I used a children’s book), fold the long fans over so they make

a triangle shape and staple that together so they stay in that triangle shape. Repeat for each of the three bits of paper and then secure them all together in a circle with staples.  Hook in some ribbon for hanging and bob’s your big fat uncle!

I love how a little craftiness from bits and bobs can add little finishing touches to things.  I know that I love the thought and effort that goes into handmade stuff, especially for special occasions – I just hope my mates do too!


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