Chocolate Sausages Will Change The World

I really want to tell you about an amazing event coming up in Belfast. 

From May 12th-20th, a bunch of crazy freedom-fighting, abolitionist craving activists will be descending on the capital to bring a whole HOST of creative awareness events to make sure the whole of Belfast, if not Northern Ireland will hear about the tragedy of human trafficking happening right here. 

There will be flashmobs in the city centre, educational forums, photography exhibitions, skimboarding (I don’t even know what it is, but I’m gonna give it a go), skateboarding, street dancing, cage football, stories of hope, people driving tractors through our National Government buildings(really!), live music and LOADS MORE.

It can be said so flippantly, but really and truly there is something here for everyone.  You could literally find an event here for all the different people in your life and share the message about the reality of human trafficking going on here in our towns and communities.  

This festival started with a one-day event idea thrown around by a few guys and has rapidly grown as more and more people have joined the throng and been committed to making a big impact in the city of Belfast – it will be hard to ignore these festivities – we plan on making some serious noise.  I’m SO excited to be part of the team helping with this, and I believe so many people are going to understand this issue better because of it.  Check out their website for all the deets – the guys behind this are so talented and enthusiastic, it’s contagious!

Craigavon ACT has been working hard with the wonderful A21 Campaign and some talented students at Belfast MET to do our bit during the week and we have put together an evening of awareness about the impact of our consumerism and trafficking.


On THURSDAY, MAY 17TH AT 7:30PM we will be setting up at The Dock Cafe, right around the corner from the Premier Inn in the Titanic Quarter.  It’s such a beautiful space – right on the river (where my girl Mary Ann McCracken ran about protesting slavery in the 1800’s) and over the course of the night you will be treated to (and by treated to, I mean it’s totes FREE!) YUMMY food, drinks, live music and a fashion show!!!!!! I MEAN, COME. ON.

As if that didn’t peak your interest enough, we are working with our local butcher friends The Meat Cleaver to bring you a free sizzling BBQ of sausages….wait for it….infused with fair-trade chocolate!!!  I beg of you not to judge before you give them a go.  It’s all very Heston Blumenthal but trust me, these guys make the BEST sausages ever. I dare you not to love them.

Along with that, the students from Belfast MET are going to be showcasing some of their amazing ethically made fashion pieces.  I can’t wait to see what they have created.

Anyway, the whole purpose of the night is that we really want to communicate that our purchases and choices can have a profound effect issues like human trafficking and making the right choices on these matters can make a real difference in the world.

Are you gonna come?  You are aren’t you?  The link to the FB invite for our event at The Dock is here.  And you can see all the other No More Traffik Events here

You’d be silly not to come and bring 50 of your friends. 

Sausages.  With. Chocolate.  


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