Motherhood Mondays

Monday again! Hello Monday, you are hated by many, but I don’t mind you. You bring a freshness, and I like fresh. You sweep in with your ‘What’s up week, I’m Monday, let’s do this’ attitude, and I cannot help but be swept along.

I’m finished talking to Monday now.

So Dave was away working from Thursday til Sunday in the Isle of Man (lucky!) so Levi and I were flying solo this weekend. We really missed him, and it was really sweet when I would pick Levi up from his sleeps, bring him into our room and he would look around for his Dada for ages. Anyway, spending so much time just Levi & I gave me an opportunity to reflect….here’s where I’m at this week.


You’ll know I’m a big advocate for the good old cloth nappies. We’ve been using Fuzzibunz on Levi since he was about 3 months and they have worked really well. However, recently I’ve found them leaking a lot more and I wonder if it’s something anyone else has experienced. Emergency hose-downs in the kitchen sink are cute and all but…

Here are my suggestions as to why it might be…if you’ve been there with the cloth nappies – I’d love to hear your wisdom.

– Could it be my natural laundry soap that is making them less absorbent?

– Do I need to adjust the size? I haven’t done that in months so if anything they should be too tight – would that have something to do with it?

– I use biodegradable/flushable liners in them now for the solids (nice). Do you think they mess with the fabric absorbency?

– Are they leaking more because he is drinking more water during the day?

I really don’t want to wane from using them, but it’s getting really annoying to be only able to last 2/3 hrs without having a leak. Changing nappies is a bit of a two-man operation with my wriggler at the minute without the added annoyance of a full clothes change from mishaps as well. Like I said, any wisdom, fire it my way!


Levi has quite the appetite. Even though at 11 months he is still getting wear out of lots of 6-9 month clothes, that boy could eat any baby under the table. He definitely doesn’t get his metabolism from his mamma!

For a long time he has displayed mega food-envy. Sometimes it’s funny and other times it’s ridiculous. Sometimes it’s both – especially when you see your husband walking sideways through the kitchen eating a hobnob to avoid Levi spying him with food and the risk of a full-on whining session. Too funny.

He has a big breakfast, lunch and dinner with some snacks or bites in between meals & lots of regular drinks but he still cries when he realises his food is all gone or when he doesn’t get things quickly enough. We are trying to teach him a little bit of patience in this. I have no doubt that he is getting plenty to eat, so I guess I’m just wondering if anyone else has experienced this?

Having said all that, I am REALLY glad he is a good eater and likes his grub.


Next month Levi will be one. We will have managed to keep him safe and loved for one whole year. It’s so crazy to think that this time last year I was just a whale of a woman, peeing 23590 times a day, thinking I’d have a June-born baby and before you know it, here we are.

Even at 11 months, Levi’s little personality is so evident and continues to surprise and delight us. The smallest things that he does make us excited and full of pride – I’m really enjoying this little in-between stage of baby/toddlerhood. It’s all going by so quickly, I’m having to consciously take a minute to drink it all in each day. I hope you find space to do the same!


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