Motherhood Monday – Constant Change

I remember someone telling me how incredible the changes are that you witness in your child within the first few years of their life.  They weren’t kidding.  I feel like we are in a constant flux of change in this parenting business.  You just get the hang of one way of doing things and BOOM, everything changes and a new little stage begins.  It can be tough going keeping up with it all, but there’s definitely crazy amazing joy in it too. 

Here’s my take on some of the ughs and yays of changes from the last week…

The Ughs:

We’ve been experimenting a little bit with Levi’s liquid intake, trying to see if he really needs his morning bottle or if it’s time to give it the old heave ho.  He generally gets it anytime between 6-7am, and then it’s pretty standard that he gets put back down for another hour or so (until an hour that isn’t quite as ungodly).  He gets his breakfast around 9ish, so it seemed like it was a pretty full on morning of grub to give both still. 

Anyway, we tried giving him a little bit of water for a couple of mornings at the beginning of the week which went down like a lead balloon.  Dave’s mum kindly had Levi for a sleepover while we were at a wedding and the little monkey refused both his bedtime and morning bottle (probably because of the trying to fool him with water escapade). But he slept all night for her (pretty much better than most nights here at home – what’s with that?!) and was fine with just the liquids he got during the next day, so we decided to persevere with cutting out the morning bottle, and have added a tiny splash of juice to the water in his sippy cup to give it some taste for him. 

This long background ramble is to explain that it’s been a funny & sometimes frustrating little time to try and work out his needs; what is good for him and what isn’t any longer necessary at this stage in his development.  Babies are all so different, and although it’s so good to get little tips and advice from friends who have gone before, it doesn’t always mean it’s gonna work for your wee one.  This whole parenting thing is a massive game of trial and error. 

Also, he isn’t going back over to sleep as well having had his drink which means that that little extra hour of grace in the morning is not always a guarantee at the minute. I know lots of people are up for the day at 6am with their kids, but I didn’t anticipate being that person so soon. 

Woe. Is. Me.

The Yays:

As mentioned above, the constant change of things can be tiring – always questioning the way you are doing things, hoping that you aren’t missing something vital that needs to be happening in their life!  But it can also be unbelievably joyful.  I don’t know about you but I spend probably 80% of my day just staring at Levi as he goes about his business. He is so full of wonder about EVERYTHING.  He’s all like:  “Oh, that little crumb on my high chair table is REALLY interesting, I’m going to give it a full 40 seconds of attention as I move it around with my finger!”  I love watching him play, learn to move about, figure out his boundaries etc.

Part of me still can’t believe he is ours. For like, ever.

Dave has been off since Wednesday and we have had loads of really lovely time as a family; walks, playing on the swings in the park, going to the swimming pool, lunches out etc.  I love it when he’s around during the day (not only for the extra pair of hands), but he sees different developments than I do, and it’s so nice to be able to talk about them and laugh at his little ways together.  


Isn’t it ironic that when it comes to motherhood and babies, change is constant?


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