I Do Not Want a Fortress.

My little rascal is SO mobile.

I can’t turn my back for a second or he’ll be up on the fireplace with coal dust all over his tiny little paws.  

A couple of weeks ago two of my friends were over for a cup of tea and I sat my mug on the floor for two seconds, went to grab something in the kitchen and he had scrambled over to it and pulled in down.  Don’t worry – he was scooped up instantly and wasn’t hurt, but my parenting ego was.  It didn’t help that my two friends are trained social workers and I could feel them mentally writing up an incident report in my head.  It freaked me out big time, but my friends consoled me – and I spent the next hour kissing the life out of him and wanting to cry for being so careless.

It’s crazy how babies have no sense of fear or danger.  Levi regularly wants to dive off the side of our bed, touch plugs, pull books down off the shelves.  It’s fun to watch him exploring the house but it’s not fun to continually move him, take stuff off him etc.

My question today is – how far do you go to protect your child and babyproof your home?

I don’t want to have to put fences and barricades up around the place, I can’t bare the thought of my house becoming fortress-like in my attempts to keep him away from things. 

HELP!  Calling all that have been there before:  What measures have you taken?  Do I need to suck it up and get me some baby fencing?!


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