Thrifty Thursdays – Fitness for FREE! (Ugh.)

I am so unfit.

Since having Levi, I’ve lost almost 2 stone doing WeightWatchers (breastfeeding for 8 months also helped out), but I am totally unfit.

Now that the spring is here (I DECLARE IT HERE!), I’m trying to up my game a little bit in the fitness department.  We are also heading to Canada/America in the summer to spend some time with family and friends AND we have a zillion weddings to go to in between then and while we are there, so I’d like to get a little more ‘in shape’.

(Above:  This is where we are staying on our family trip to the Smokey Mountains. UM, HELLO!)

I’m totally not a gym person.  Ironically, I used to work at a gym (I know), selling memberships, sunbed packages (I KNOW), doing member inductions etc, but I can safely say I didn’t take too much of an advantage of the free membership.  I’m not sure I really grasped the concept of ‘working at a gym does not mean I am working out at a gym’.  ANYWAY, I’m much more of a going for walks, fun exercise classes, fitness on the go type-a girl. 

Right now, I’m a working mum, with several other fragile plates to spin, so exercise for me needs to fit in around a lot of the stuff I am already doing. I’ve turned to the internet for help and found it for FREEEEEEE!

I came across some Tracy Anderson webisodes online and have been giving them a bash.  Tracy is a bit of a fitness legend – trainer to lots of buff people, so I thought I’d give it a go.  If it’s good enough for Gwyneth Paltrow, it’s good enough for Mel Wiggins.


I use 3 of her webisodes (arms, bum & thighs and abs) on youtube and do them every other day.  On the alternate days I try and get a good walk in.

Each webisode is between 10-15 mins long so it’s perfect for when Levi goes down for his morning nap when I’m off work.  I stick it on the laptop in the living room, put a blanket on the floor for extra padding and get going.  I find I have JUST enough time to get through all 3 and have a shower before he wakes up and it feels really good to be doing something good for myself!

She’s kinda hardcore at times with the reps in these, but I take my own time and don’t feel like a loser when I can’t do the whole thing.

Here are the links to her webisodes:




Do you have any at-home fitness tips?



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