Thrifty Thursdays – 5 Step Washi Wall Decal

Hello lovers!

It’s me again with the washi tape. I can’t get enough of this stuff.

Since we’ve moved into our rental pad, we’ve been happily making the downstairs homey and cozy and neglected to share the love with a lot of the upstairs.

You’ll have seen Levi’s room from ages ago which we’ve given little touches of cuteness to but we’ve seriously forgotten about our own space – our boudoir. I wish I spent more time in my bedroom cause our bed is pretty awesome, but sadly I generally gravitate to the living area and spend most of my time ‘pinning’ awesome bedroom ideas and wishing mine were different. I reckon (baby taking up lots of precious sleeping time aside) if it was a little more invested in I might take myself off there in the evenings more. Read a book, cozy in etc, so I’m getting my finger out and doing something about it. I’m hoping to give it a bit more attention in the next little while and have been on the hunt for cheap and cheery ways to bring something more to the walls. THRIFTY!

We have a GINORMOUS fully mirrored 3 door slide-robe that was left here for us by the landlords (too big to move) on the wall facing our bed. It’s not something I would chose to have in my own house, but it is great storage. It takes over a lot of the room (and can be quite a shock to the system having your reflection shoved in your face all the time!), so I’m focusing on the area above the bed as a little space to bring some warmth.

Enter: WASHI!

I had a little idea to make some decals from washi tape and try it out as a starting point for decorating above the bed. I have a few other charity shop pictures & etsy prints to get up there too eventually, so this is just a start.

Ok, this DIY is so easy I feel like a dork for posting directions but just in case – here ya go!

1. Supplies – washi, scissors, a pen and baking paper.

2. Roughly draw your shape on the baking paper and cover it with washi tape, making sure that the layers of tape overlap slightly.

3. Turn your backing paper with the tape on it around and you’ll see your original drawing. Cut it out.

4. Repeat steps 1, 2, 3 (“four, make you fall in love with me”…BRIAN MCKNIGHT! Love that song!) for as many shapes as you need/want.

5. Peel back your tape from the baking paper and stick it flat on your selected wall/area!

Dave came into the bedroom mid-tape and gave off to me that I had not discussed this with him and tried to bargain with me that he have the other free wall to put up football memorabilia. We’ll see.*

*We won’t see, there’s no way.


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