Motherhood Mondays – The New Normal

I had so much feedback from my post on ‘Parenting Ups & Downs’ that I thought I’d try to make it more of a regular thing.  It was really encouraging to hear from so many friends that are either struggling/enjoying the same things, or that have gone before and have advice or support to offer. 

Exposing yourself as a mother and the way that you parent can be a really vulnerable thing to do.  Especially as a first time mum.  It’s so easy to relay the amazing stuff.  Because SO much of it is amazing.  But it can be such a fine balance between sharing things you’re finding hard as a mum and being down or yourself, or speaking negatively about your little one.  I hope to keep that balance healthy – keep me in check if I don’t.

To have this network of blog/twitter/fb friends that can share with each other has been really empowering for me. I have so many amazing friends around me and online that are parents, and the way they do things are so vast and varied.  I love learning from them, being challenged and feeling connected in the simplest of things.  

I’d love it, as with our ever-growing army of #thriftythursday dames (who I LOVE!), that you join in the conversation here by commenting, tweeting or fb’ing or sharing your own in your space.  If you want to link up with each other’s blogs on Mondays etc, let me know – we can hashtag, retweet, linky, whatever…

With that said – I want to ask you:  What has been the biggest change in your lifestyle since your little one/s have come along?

Obviously it goes without saying that there are some major changes that hit hard when you have a kid.  There’s not a lot of preparation that you can take up to ensure you enter those changes smoothly – they just happen and you have to deal with it. 

Lately I’ve been talking to a lot of ‘mum’ friends about how life just takes on a ‘new normal’.  You (after a few headspinning weeks/months) eventually get around to the reality of it all and realise that the ‘normal’ you once had is now not there and you come to terms with the things that make up the new ‘normal’. 

I think my biggest lifestyle change has been adapting to be a more forward thinking person. 

Pre-Levi, you mainly only had to think about your own schedule.  Where you needed to be, how flexible you wanted to be, whether you could be bothered making dinner/getting dressed/sleeping at appropriate times etc. Decisions were less planned, less calculated and if my day threw a curve ball, it didn’t matter too much.  But now there’s a whole other person to factor into those decisions, and his life tends to be a little less spontaneous in its demands than mine.  

In saying that, I definitely don’t feel like it’s a HUGE ordeal to get up and go out for the day like a lot of people warned me, but the fore-planning of needs to be met and what that entails definitely has taken me some getting used to.  I like to think I’m quite spontaneous but I like to have a sense of control over my spontaneity, so making sure that I’m well equipped for most eventualities keeps me sane.  (HELLO – IS THERE SUCH A THING AS A SPONTANEOUS CONTROL FREAK?!)

Anyway, I feel like I’m finally finding my feet with this bit of the ‘new normal’…what about you?


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