Bleu Beauty!

I never win stuff.  I used to enter loads of free competitions online and would be partial to the odd RT on twitter to try and win free stuff (although I am now a little skeptical of this) but to no avail. 

So how stoked was I when I won a FREE gel nails manicure at Bleu Beauty in Moira!  I have DREADFUL nails.

My friend Jo runs Bleu Beauty, a venture she set up only this time last year.  I really admire her courage to start a new business and she’s doing really well.  Lots of friends go to Jo regularly for treatments and have such great things to say.  So, I entered her competition on facebook a few weeks ago, pretty sure my typical run of fate would remain and I would put on my sore loser face from behind my computer screen when I saw that someone else bagged the goods. 

And then I won.  *happy dance*  It’s taken me a couple of weeks to figure out when to go and claim my prize.  Mainly because I SUCK at having painted nails and ALWAYS end up picking them off, so I wanted it to save it for a time when I could enjoy the experience.  This has been a crazy busy week for me, and knowing I had this to look forward to on Thursday was a real treat. 

So, off Levi and I went (his first beauty therapy experience – and he was a total trooper) to the beautiful village of Moira.

Bleu Beauty is above (and somewhat connected to) the popular hair salon ‘Bleu’ (hence the name connection).  Heading upstairs to Jo’s space through the busy salon, hairdryers and sink washes all a go, I immediately sensed a real change in pace.  It was totally peaceful and the decor is classic and elegant.  Lots of big regal furniture, rich wallpaper and my favourite bit – it didn’t stink of products.  I’ve been to lots of beauty places where the stench of chemicals from products would burn the hair in your nose, so I was glad it was chilled.

Jo gave us a great welcome, understandably more excited to see Levi than see me, and gave me a little tour of the place.  Jo runs the show all by herself, so the space is perfectly compact for the stuff she offers. 

So off we went.  I picked out my colour – went for a pale pink to hail in spring…I also needed a colour that wasn’t going to draw attention to the fact that my nails are pretty crappy and a bolder colour would have done that.

She has so much colour selection for the gel nails (which, are just gel overlays that go on your real nails by the way…every day’s a school day).  *note Jo’s sparkly gel nails in the pic below – ooooohhh*

And then she got to work.  There was a lot of shaping, buffing, a few layers of fancy stuff, the colour, and even a fancy little drying-machine-oven-type-thing that I had to put my hand under between layers.  Very impressive.  Usually it’s a flailing wave of the hand and a huff and puff to get my own nails to dry and even then they smudge instantly.

Jo is such a pro.  She explained all the steps she was taking and we had a good old yarn about life, Kony 2012, London and babies.  Before I knew it, we were done and she as giving my cuticles a bit of a seeing to with some oil. 

I have to say, the best bit was – my nails were DRY as a bone!  I could lift Levi into the car, put his pram in the boot and not a smudge in sight!  These gel nails do not mess about!

It was such a lovely treat, and these babies are supposed to stay on for a couple of weeks, which is MUCH longer than my 2 day chipping away cut off.  I can’t believe she actually managed to make my dodgy nails look so groomed!

If you live locally, give Jo a call and book yourself in – it really is a little hidden treasure.


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