Sunday at St.George’s

The sun was shining and we headed for the Big Smoke to have a bit of a wander at St. George’s Market.  I always feel a little buzz when I head into Belfast.  It’s the city girl in me, I suppose.  I don’t know if I could ever peel Dave away from suburban, semi-rural life again, but you never know eh?

Anyway, St. George’s is a beautiful old Belfast landmark that comes alive at the weekend to host some of the city’s most creative and scrumptious independent vendors.  From antique dealers to illustrators, homemade baked goods to handmade pottery, they have it all and it makes for a lovely little stroll on a brisk Sunday avo. 

First stop:  Food obviously.

I went for the yummiest Lebanese food.  Falafel from scratch, stuffed vine leaves and lots of salad and hummus. It was delish.

Dave went for the standard breakfast bap.  Hard to beat.

And Levi scoffed his packed lunch.

I was completely smitten with these original prints of various Northern Irish landmarks.  Really wonderfully illustrated and a nice alternative to the regular old touristy stuff.  We picked up a few of their postcards to frame.

Another awesome element of market stall browsing is getting stuck into the samples at the food stalls.  I managed to have a substantial appetiser of flavoured popcorn (oh how I miss Canada’s Kernals!), olives and cookies.

Levi was mesmerized by the different entertainers, particularly an old man playing what can only be described as an electric recorder come trumpet/saxophone/keyboard and this spinny, juggly guy:

We topped the day off with a nice cup of coffee, a raspberry ruffle traybake and picking out some AMAZING gourmet sausages to bring home for tea. 

Sigh.  If only all days could be so wonderful.


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