To Sell or Not To Sell…I need a consensus

I’ve just spent a lush weekend talking all things wedding with one of my besties (getting married later this year!)  We went to a couple of bridal shops so she could try on a few dresses and it brought me back to when I was doing the same only 5 years ago.  It was so awesome to see her face as she looked at herself in the mirror in a beautiful bridal gown for the first time.  Such a magical moment.

I went home after our marathon dress shopping session and dusted off my own from the spare bedroom wardrobe (where it was lying in the dress bag in a heap – IMAGINE!) 

Having lost a little bit of my baby weight I was able to squeeze myself into it once again and gleefully pranced around the house for a bit.  No sitting was involved as I was pretty sure I was going to bust through but it did feel mighty fine to don it once more.

Dave is always on at me to sell it.  Lots of women do it.  There’s tons of posts on ebay of wedding dresses ready to move on to a new home, a new excited bride…but the thought of it, naturally, makes me apprehensive.  So, I ask you oh wise readers, what do you think? 

Should you sell your wedding dress?  Am I living in vain of one day bearing a little girl who will grow up and love it as much as I did, and I’ll one day gather it up from the attic to sentimentally pass it down to her as an heirloom for her to wear when she gives herself over to her love? 

Can you bear the thought of another woman wearing the dress that you chose so lovingly, thoughtfully and wore with such pride and hope on the day you were wed?

Am I being a bit of a knob about it and should just stick it up on eBay and put it towards our holiday to Canada in the summer?

I’d love to know your thoughts…


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