Thrifty Thursdays – Choices

Damn conscience.  It’s always buzzing with stuff to get on my high horse about (fun fact: I want to run a company called high horse some day.  I even bought the domain for it 4 years ago). 

To be honest, I was really struggling for inspiration this week for #thrifty thursday.  I didn’t want to keep posting crafty stuff and I feel like my mind/views have been forced (in a good way) to be sharpened a bit more lately – so I was thinking of an alternative thrifty post. Here goes…

Obviously Tesco’s have been scumbags lately, taking part in the governments clever new scheme to exploit engage the non-working public in a work experience scheme where they work for nothing in order to keep their benefits.  Awesome. 

I read today that they are starting to backpedal on their stance (thanks to the power of social media protests) and are now going to pay people and offer permanent employment to those who sign up for the scheme.  Blah. 

Anyway, hearing what they were doing left me feeling a bit sick about it.  I regularly loathe Tesco.  It’s so mind numbing and clinical.  I feel like a robot when I’m in there and I always end up spending a crazy amount of money because I feel overwhelmed.  So this week I decided to boycott it and see if I could do without it’s lure.

My regular every two weeks big shop usually comes in at about £50.  Then I buy my fruit and veg at a local produce shop which is usually another £10.  I reckon £60 every two weeks for the main bits for the three of us plus dinner guests (meat, breads, tins, snacks, baby food, formula etc) is pretty decent.

That is until I did my bi-weekly shop in Lidls.

I found it a totally different, way more chilled shopping experience.  It’s compact enough to walk around without feeling bombarded by stuff.  There was hardly anyone in there – no shopping trolly collisions/health and safety nightmares.  It has the best selection of local, organic AND fairtrade food and drinks – way better than Tesco, AND I love it’s ‘no frills’ shove-your-groceries-in-an-empty-box-that’s-lying-around-attitude.  I ended up only getting what I really needed and I cut my bill down by £20!  Awesome right?  That’s a savings of at least £40 a month.  Heck yes, I’ll defo be back.

In your greedy face Tesco.

P.S. The other thing we did this week that I kind of love (isn’t necessarily thrifty) was to switch over to The Co-Op Charity Credit Card.  We’re not big into credit cards (scary) but need to have it for booking big flights etc and the rates on this one are good.  The best part about this though is that when you sign up, you get to choose a charity to connect to and when you make payments with your card, the chosen charity benefits from it in loads of different ways.  The Co-op is so clever.  Check it out.


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