Thrifty Thursdays – Washi Wonders!

Afternoon Thrifters!

Please tell me you’ve heard of washi tape?  Yes?  Good – we can be friends.  No?  Shame on you.  Sort that right out.

Annnnnyway – Levi is taking a nap, which usually last all of 45 minutes (gah!) so I thought I’d whip up a REALLY quick but certainly cute craft that costs next to nothing.

Here are your supplies:

Frames – charity shop will do, but I bought these grey wooden ones for £3.50 from some fairtrade gift shop on sale.  I’ve been hoarding them for ages not knowing what to do with them.  Again – pinterest came through with inspiration…(are you on there – hook up with my boards!)

Paper – 1 sheet per frame.  These were yanked out of an old weathered french-english dictionary I picked up at a charity shop.



WASHI TAPE!  This stuff is the dogs goolies.  It’s basically just coloured or patterned tape, but it’s really smooth and easy to tear and you can basically use it for a plethora (awesome word) of crafting uses.  I use it for cupcake flags, wrap little bits of it around string for mini bunting.  I also use it for making cards, wrapping pressies etc.  It’s so simple and has TONS of uses.  This is my current stash – but I intend on getting a load more colours, especially because it is so handy for my Magpie Parties (shamless plug).  It retails at about £2/£3 per roll, but it’s totes worth every penny, and a little goes a long way.

OK – onto the easiest craft known to man.


This first version is a matter of ripping bits off and guessing where to put them.  I didn’t really put a whole lot of thought into it (my favourite kind of crafting), so I just drew a box in the area that I wanted to use and started taping.  I used the scissors to trim bits as I stuck them to give it a bit more shape than I could do by tearing it with my fingers.

Sure, it’s wonky.  But who isn’t?


The second one was a little more detailed, so I took a different approach to it.  Again – it took literally 3 minutes – tops – to do this.

I stuck the tape down roughly in the shape of what I wanted it to look like, but this time I did it on a bit of paper instead of directly onto the backing page. Can ya tell what it’s gonna be yet?!

It’s a little birdie!  Yeah, so I lightly drew the shape I wanted onto the tape and then cut it out.  Tres simple. 

You can now either carefully pull the whole thing off the back of the paper and stick it down onto the backing paper, or like me you can just tape the whole thing to the backing paper.  (I tried to pull the tape off and it started to rip so I panicked and took the easy way out).  Regardless, I’m happy with how it turned out and it seriously took no time at all!

I’m also joining Lu by adding this post to the pinterest challenge!  I saw this pin and thought – I could TOTALLY do that.  So I did.  That’s basically the challenge.  Every month, instead of oggling over the pretty DIY’s on pinterest – why not actually DO some! 

Join us?!

Happy Thrifty Thursdays y’all!



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