Thrifty Thursdays – The BIG L

I experimented with a little project for Levi’s room the other day – I had seen lots of versions of this all over pinterest and different blogs so in true Mel style, I decided to wing it and have a go without looking at directions or a tutorial (a method that often leaves me with egg on my face and does not come highly recommended). 

It’s for one of these cool wool/yarn covered letters…

Jen over at JenlovesKev (who is adorable and very cool) made this particularly impressive one above – please be warned that mine is not nearly as cool or well made…but the bare bones of a really lovely gift idea/bit of decor for a room are definitely there.

All you need is this: coloured wool/yarn, a bit of cardboard, scissors and tape.

Then all you do is fashion the cardboard into the shape of the letter that you need, securing all the edges with tape.  Obviously if you are doing an ‘S’ it will be slightly more time consuming than a straight up and down ‘L’, but my advice would be go tape crazy.

I then started with the yarn – taping the first bit down and then wrapping it all around the exposed edges.  This should be the first step, and is really important as it looks better if you wrap the bulk of the letter last.

Then just go mad wrapping the rest!  I did the edges stripey and then the bulk of it a solid red (Levi is nuts for red).  Et voila!

And a few cute shots for good measure…

As you can see, it’s a bit rough around the edges (and to be quite honest, he has completely demolished it already) but you get the idea…


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