Back To Work Clothes

I’m finding my back to work wardrobe to be a bit of a pain at the minute.  I have one pair of trousers I can wear, but they don’t sit right over my boots, so I have to wear flats with them and it’s cold and blah blah blah (bored?).  ANYWAY –  maternity leave has truly spoiled me with fashion and now for three days out of my week, I can’t wear jeans or pajamas all the live long day.  SOB!

I’m desperately trying not to buy lots of new clothes and try and work with what I have so I have been trawling the interwebs to get some inspiration for some school-appropriate looks.  I’m hoping to scrounge a few looks together with bits I have – maybe I’ll post them up here – all the cool bloggers seem to post their outfits on their blogs.  Haha.  Ok, here are my fav looks I’ve been pinning of late (get me on pinterest here!) – what do you think?

I’m pretty sure I actually need a new glasses prescription – this outfit makes me want to check that out…

Cozy Casual

Blazer/Scarf Combo (dem schools are COLD!)

Scarfs again…

Smart blue trousers.  Love this colour combo.

A little sparkle!

Pink AND stripes!


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