Thrifty Thursdays – Bum Covers

The title was really just to get you to read this…there will be some talk of bums, mainly those of my baby’s, so if you wanted to read something a little seedier – move along. 

I was reluctant to put up more charity shop finds or even crafty projects for this weeks T.T. (mainly because the time for either of these pleasures has been limited in the back to work frenzy) so I was thinking about some of the really money-saving, thrifty ways that we have been able to bank some cashola this last year and I keep coming back to the fact that we decided to use cloth nappies instead of disposables.

Let me tell you, I did some hardcore research on this: websites, facebook mummy-friend hounding and even calling cloth nappy hotlines (really).  It’s not something that I had thought much of before, but a few good friends had used them and never looked back, so I thought I would make an effort to see what all the fuss was about.

After my extensive research, we settled on going for the one-sized Fuzzibunz. 

Now, I’m totally not writing this to be all judgement-y and pious about this choice.  In fact, if I was really as hardcore about saving money and the planet I’d have taken a leaf out of Lu’s book and gone down the ‘elimination communication’ style of parenting (which she honestly and candidly documents here), but alas, I’m not!

Being honest, there have been a few things that threw us off in the beginning.  We had some leaky times – mainly because we were used to disposables containing LOTS of wee wees so we quickly learned that cloth nappies can’t be left on for as long.  This may also have been down to it taking some time to figure out the leg/waist adjustments – now that we have it’s so easy and we put them on him without even thinking.  (I think you can get some sort of hemp inserts that are supposed to be more absorbent but we didn’t bother, so one of the exceptions we have is that Levi sleeps in a disposable).

Anyway, here are my top 5 reasons as to why these have really worked for us:

1)  We sat down and calculated the figures and worked out that using Fuzzibunz for 16 weeks will have made us our money back and the rest of the time we use them would be savings.  Flipping SCORE.

2)  They wash really easily.  My main concern initially was how much money we would use on electricity we would use to keep on top of the washing of them – it turns out that a wash that takes about an hour keeps them really clean – even the really nasty ones.  And there were some particularly nasty ones.  They also dry really quickly because they are micro-fleece.  We never tumble them – however you do need to think ahead for this to work by putting a load in the machine while you still have 2 or 3 left!  Landfills are FULL of disposable nappies – you know that.  This is another small way we can try to be a little more Earth-conscious.  

3)  They are SO soft on Levi’s bum.  When he was first born, we used disposables because it was all a bit of a blur and we wanted to get our head around more important stuff before launching into the cloth nappies, and the poor little guy had some awful nappy rashes from them.  He has never had a rash since using these.  Happy bum, happy baby.

4) They will fit him until he is potty trained!  The beauty of these being one-size is that we can keep loosening and adjusting them as he grows so we didn’t need to buy a variety of sizes.  I would say although they are supposed to fit from birth, he really didn’t start wearing them regularly until he was about 8 weeks. (They also have really good resale value on ebay or cloth nappy websites – it may sound gross, but loads of people do it and save/make a ton!)

5)  Finally – they have some serious added cutness value.  I love the colours they come in; I love the boot-ay they give him when he’s in his babygro, and I love how comfy they must be on his little toosh:) 

All in all, I highly recommend.  If you’re a mamma working on another baby or a mamma-to-be and you had never considered them – be brave and go for it! 


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