Thrifty Thursdays – TT meets GG

Alright, I know I have hardly broken breath about Christmas/New Year on my blog but I’ve been too busy doing Christmas/New Year to tell you about it.  Saving that for another post.   However, to get the oil back on the blogging wheels, I thought I would rustle up a Thrifty Thursday post, by sharing a little about where I’m at with my Gorgeously Green ventures. Being green can be mega-thrifty after all.

It has to be said I am not very far along in the book, but I feel like the first couple of chapters presented so much challenge for me that it has take me a while to filter through some of the information and make some changes. 

I wanted to share some of the green things I’ve experimented with and some of my 2012 green goals.

Firstly, I did a bit of an overhaul of my cosmetic products etc. and have only hung on to bits that I didn’t want to waste by throwing out.  My plan is to use some Christmas money (there is no way to say that without sounding like you are eleven years old) to purchase some Jane Iredale mineral makeup (which I had a little taste of at the beauticians the other day and felt like my face looked amazing after – I mean that in the least arrogant way possible).  I’m not a huge makeup person – my friends always gasp when I tell them I don’t even own mascara, but I do like a little bit of coverage to even out my skin day to day & I’m a big blush and eyeliner girl, so I will be hunting down some green & affordable versions of my MAC/Benefit products when they run out.

My big thing over Christmas was making organic handsoap and hand/body scrub for our house and as presents for friends and family.  The scrubs went down a storm, and were packaged in old baby food jars (I think I mentioned this before).  The handsoap was a recipe/method I found on….again….where else….pinterest. 

SO EASY.  Get a bar of organic soap, grate it finely, add it to 2 pints of simmering water, use your hand mixer to give it a good blend, take it off the heat and let it stand (covered) overnight, give it a good stir in the morning and hey presto!  From ONE bar of organic soap I made 6 big bottles of hand soap!  AMAZING!

An recent addition to my regime has been using the GG recipe for face oil (different versions available – I chose my own essential oil mix).  I am seriously addicted to this stuff, especially now that the winter wind is making my skin dry.  I cleared out & sterilised an old glass make up bottle and made it up with 3/4 sweet almond oil, 5 drops each of tea tree, rosemary and lavender essential oils and then one teaspoon of vitamin e oil.  LUSH.  I smear this all over my face & neck after I clean it at night and it is so relaxing and soothing.  My skin wakes up super fresh. Also, I told the beautician about using this along with my Liz Earle products and she basically verbally high-fived me for doing awesome stuff for my skin.  SMUGFACE.

The next steps are ordering some bulk supplies and trying out some homemade washing powder and dishwasher recipes.  Hannah, over at Seeds & Stitches has blogged today about her tried and tested homemade cleaning recipes, so I’ll be giving some of those a go, as well as continuing on my vinegar campaign. 

My green goals for 2012 are to be only using eco or homemade cosmetics and cleaning products, learning about and growing some food, and buying less high street clothes.

Small steps, but LOTS of learning.  That’s what works for me.


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