If you follow me on twitter or fb you might remember that a couple of weeks ago I made the ridiculous mistake of going to view a house that we are in no shape or form able to buy.

There is this row of houses in Portadown that I have always admired because they look beautiful from the outside, and I could always imagine them having lots of character on the inside, but they never seem to be for sale. Until the other day. We passed it on our regular route to town and I saw the for sale sign. It was like a moth to a flame.

So when I saw it, I immediately went on my iphone to see if it was featured on the estate agents website. It wasn’t, so like some sort of house stalker, I called the estate agent to enquire. They told me it was only recently on the market and asked if I would like to arrange a viewing. Obviously yes. Yes I WOULD like a viewing. So I dragged Dave, eyes rolling, along to it about an hour later.

Long story short, it’s a beautiful mess (look at that front door!). It’s a repossessed house and has been vacant for about a year, so there were some really obvious issues with it on the surface, but not one to shy away from a project with massive potential, I started dreaming up what I would do with it if we happened to fall into £99, 950.

First of all, it is STACKED with character – architrave, high ceilings, original features etc. and I immediately pictured our wee family living in it. The lounge and kitchen are all open together, which I love. There’s something cozy about an open living/eating area. There’s a woodburning stove in the living room (I know…!), painted white brick (cry! who paints brick?), a beautiful light-giving bay window, original wooden floorboards in the living room and terracotta square tiles on the kitchen floor. I KNOW! It also has a pantry. A pantry!!!!!!

There are 4 bedrooms, 2 of them have old cast iron fireplaces in them (again, I know…!), the other two have skylights and all of them have original beautiful wooden floors.

Being realistic, it would need an entirely new kitchen, a new downstairs loo, new main bathroom, a little damp work in patches, new carpet on the stairs, a LOT of white paint for every last inch of it and a vat of vinegar to scrub it down with.

OK, where am I going with this? Well, I can’t stop thinking about the house. I pass it at least twice a week and drive really slowly past it. I am always checking the property website to see if anyone has snapped it up yet, like some sort of love-struck teenager. I am a little obsessed. So, with the help of pintrest, I thought I might purge some of my obsession and put together some ideas and a feel for what I’d do to this place if I could get my totally-broke mitts onto it…

KITCHEN (aga, loads of shelving, wooden countertops)

LIVING ROOM (loads of light, bookshelves, cozy colours)

BATHROOM (cabinets, stand alone bath, bricks)

BEDROOMS (iron bedframes, rustic, eclectic)

OTHER SPACES (workspace, piano area, nooks)

And now I’m depressed.


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