When Levi Met Santa

Love For Life, a charity based in our village puts on a lovely Santa’s Grotto every year.  Dave was working, so Granny Iris, my little niece Karis, Levi and I wrapped up toasty and walked down the road to see if Santa was around. 

The whole atmosphere was so sweet, with a room for tea/coffee and yummy baked goods, the Salvo’s playing carols and Santa & Mrs. Claus hanging out in the barn to talk to all the children.

I wasn’t sure how it would go down with Levi because a) it was at 6pm – fussiest time of the day for this little guy and b) kids are generally afraid of old people with big white beards.  It turns out he was a total champ and LOVED him some Santa. 

Here’s some pics:

Getting bundled up.

His first ever name-tag! Ha!

Just keeping hold of his ticket to see the man himself…

Getting Levi familiar with his Salvo roots.

The Grotto!

That’s not Santa, but he sure does have a sweet hat (Levi is obsessed with all things red).

Karis wasn’t as sure about Santa…

Nice beard Santa…

You have a nice beard and I’ve been a really good boy.


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