Thrifty Thursdays – Decking Them Halls

She’s up and she’s a beaut. 

Our tree arrived to the door at about 10 ft tall last night.  Dave and I were heading out to a gig, so D’s dad brought round his saw (and babysitting skills) and trimmed her up and put her in her stand.  (she is a she. what?) We didn’t get in until almost midnight but when I came in and saw her standing in her rightful place in the living room I thought – “I’ll just stick the lights on it and see what that looks like…” 45 minutes later and I had the whole thing kitted out!  

I wanted to make sure that you knew that I had put my money where my mouth was in my attempt to have a more handmade Christmas.  In the thrifty spirit, I thought I’d share the bits and bobs that I made or charity shopped onto her magnificence, as well as a few other bits and bobs I’ve put up today – I have a feeling there will be more decorations to emerge, but here’s what we’ve got so far!


These little button wreaths were SO easy to make (tutorial in last weeks TT post)!

I had this vision for the tree (I just read that sentence back and although I realise how ridiculously pathetic it sounds, I’m not deleting it) being themed with light blue, red and white decorations and it just so happened a lot of my little china cups were those colours, so I tied some ribbon/lace onto the handles and stuck them on too!

These little white poms were also so easy and look like really cute little snow blobs nestled in to the branches.

I also made some mini tissue paper poms which turned out really lovely in the mix.

All of the baubles were from charity shops (they have STACKS) but I couldn’t resist a couple from ikea – Who doesn’t love the little toadstool decorations & cardboard reindeer?!  I also really love the ribbon I got cheap as chips on ebay – it was just the right colours and thickness to sit well around it and filled it out well – a tree that size needed some filling! 

I threaded some paper doilies into twine and added a little red bow for the mantle mirror.  It took literally 7 minutes.

I also nabbed these stockings from Ikea and hung them in the hall under this shelf.  Mainly because we light our fire a lot, and hanging them from the fireplace would be a nuisance.


I scored this plastic mistletoe at a charity shop the other day and I have it hanging from our window bunting – I keep trying to get Dave to hang out with me under there but he’s not having it…

So there you go! (Do you like how I shoved the mess down to the other end of the room before I took this pic?)

I have LOVED decorating our pad so far, and it has cost next to nothing.  I’m estimating £20 tops for all of the above.  Our tree only cost £12 and was delivered to our house!  Let me know if you are local and want in on that action and I’ll hook you up with a number. 

Now, I’m off to bask in the glow of fairy lights!  A very festive Thrifty Thursday to you all!


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