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The lovely Lu over at Lulastic & the Hippyshake tagged me in the ‘Tell Me About Yourself’ awards….So now I have to come up with 7 things you may not know about me.

Here goes!

1)  The day I was leaving home to move to London, my flight got cancelled (well, postponed until the next day) because of a black out of electricity while I was sitting in the departure gate at Toronto Airport.  A friendly lady sitting beside me who was intending of being on the same flight invited me to come back to her house in the city to stay as my dad had already started his 3 hour drive back home after dropping me off, and this was in the days before mobile phones.  It turns out, she was a gazillionaire, her husband was a west-end star and his brother was married to Royalty.  They put me up for the night in their mansion after a slap up meal, took me to the airport the next day in a limo and paid for me to be upgraded to first class.  I lost her in baggage claim at Heathrow and the phone number/address she gave me was a dud.  I still think she might have been a for-real angel.  I’m pretty sure my mum was sick with worry that I stayed at a strangers house, but also thought it was a pretty cool story.

2)  I have lived in 20 different houses in my 28 years.  The longest has been 8 years in 19 Beech Park, Portadown from when I was 1 month old – 8 years old.  I’m a bit of a nomad, but I like it.

3)  Dave and I met when we were kids (when we were neighbours in aforementioned park).  He and my brother used to arrange fights between me and his sister on the green (which we used to think was massive, but now when we go back to the green it’s nothing more than a 2 meter sq piece of grass on the corner of our old street).  I TANKED his sister.

4)  Other than my honeymoon in Barcelona, my favourite holiday was going to Italy with Estelle and Rachel.  We ate pizza every day for lunch and then came back to our friends house in the evening to a home cooked meal.  I could eat Neapolitan pizza every day for the rest of my days, and I dream about the food that our friends made.  Italians know how to do life well.  They have SIESTA’S every day for goodness sake.  Naps rule.

5)  I have this weirdly strong dislike for most words that end in ‘sh’.  It’s just the way they are said that really annoys me.  Mesh, cash, splash, flash, dash. flesh…UGH.

6)  I don’t believe in ironing – life is too short.  You probably already know that though by my creasy clothes.

7)  When I was 7, my friend and I created a pretend charity and went door to door around our street collecting money for it.  We were well organised and had a sponsor sheet and everything.  We then used the money to get a bus into town and buy rollerskates at Woolworths to share.  Our mum’s figured out that something was fishy, beat the truth out of us and promptly marched us back around every door to apologise and give the money back (their own money, that is – the rollerskates were too well worn to be refunded!).  I thought it was quite entrepreneurial of us.

There ya go.  Tagging my gorgeously green buds, Rebecca & Rach!


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