Gorgeously Green – Toothpaste Edition

Just in case you were worried I’d fallen off the green wagon – fear not!  I am still securely on there.  One of the big focuses that I’ve taken from the last chapter, which was all about detoxifying your beauty products, was getting rid of nasty chemical-ridden stuff and replacing it with either more natural, organic products or making my own. 

After going through the lists of ingredients in all of my essentials, I was realllllllly horrified to see how sneakily toxic a lot of my products were.  Interestingly, most of the worst ones were the products I got from Canada.  I was happy however to see that my Liz Earle face products are already really green.  Natural ingredients, Biodegradable etc. which was a massive sigh of relief because I LOVE LIZ EARLE! My friends got me a little starter kit after I had Levi and I have been hooked!

You can check out the range here.

My favourite change so far has been switching from regular shop-bought toothpaste to my own DIY version.  There’s a lot of research to link the flouride found in toothpaste with really scary diseases and illnesses which was enough to make me look for an alternative. 

I found a recipe for making your own on pintrest (clicking the link will send you straight to my ‘being green’ pin board – obsessed with pintrest) and decided to give it a whirl!  2 weeks later, and I have no regrets and don’t intend on buying regular toothpaste ever again!  It’s a simple mixture of 5 tbs baking soda, 4 tbs coconut oil and about 10 drops of peppermint essential oil.  Dave has been super skeptical of me and my new-found green ways, but he is now a full convert to the DIY toothpaste and thinks his teeth are cleaner and whiter than ever! SO THERE! 

I’ve also attempted a couple of weeks of not using shampoo and just using a solution of baking soda and water, but I’m not sure it’s working for me – I need a good natural shampoo recipe or a link to a good organic one.  Any thoughts/recommendations?

I’m a real extremist, all or nothing type of person so it’s been difficult for me to reign in my enthusiasm for this challenge and not buy out the whole of Holland & Barrett in one swoop.  I think one change at a time is making me realise how easy and beneficial (physically, financially etc. ) this whole green thing is!


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