Thrifty Thursdays – Holidays Are Coming

Hey Peeps,

Well, selection boxes are stocked on the shelves, cheesy Christmas music is blaring out of the speakers and overwhelming my ears in Lurgan town and I’ve teared up watching the latest John Lewis advert.  It’s safe to say, ‘tis the season.  Maybe it’s because I have a baby now or something, but I already feel really Christmasy this year. 

I’ve decided to, as per usual, bite off more than I could possibly chew by having a (with the exception of a couple of things) handmade Christmas this year.  This means homemade gifts for all my nearest and dearest, as well as lots of handmade decorations and all kinds of baked goods.  I’ve made a good start already and have collected bits and pieces ready to tuck into the craftiness of it all.

For this week’s Thrifty Thursday, I thought I’d share with you some of my homemade gift ideas, not that I’m going to be attempting ALL of these, but I thought it might inspire you to be a bit more creative with your gift-giving this year too.  Although it might seem a bit premature to be posting about Christmas so soon, those pressies won’t make themselves, so it’s always good to have a head start.

Pintrest has been an excellent source of ideas for me this year, and through it I came across this beauty of a post with links to all kinds of gift ideas and tutorials…here are my fav’s:

1)  Monogrammed Button Art! 

This would be cute for a child or a couple – you could even use red/green buttons and make a christmasy one for a couple using their last initial or something.  I’m making this one for the house this year:

2) Homemade Salt/Sugar Scrub

I’ve got a whole load of baby food jars (organic of course, before you judge me) that I’ve been holding on to.  I tend to make Levi’s food myself most of the time, but it’s amazing how a handy jar here and there can mount up and I now have a stack of these to repurpose for gifts this year.  I’ve spray painted the lids with black chalkboard paint and plan on using them for different little gifts like this one! – AND – the ingredients in these scrubs are completely organic and natural – How’s THAT for Gorgeously Green?!

3)  Envelope Clutch Bag

How cute is this?  And so easy!  You can even be a bit cheeky and get leather samples from your local fabric shop that would be the perfect size for this kind of project.  These leather clutches are really on trend right now, and the perfect party bag for the winter season!

4)  Trinket Bookmarks

This project is probably a little more detailed but the outcome is so beautiful.  All you really need is strips of velvet, ribbon clamps and some pretty bits and bobs to hang on the end – use bead, old jewellery you have and never wear, or have a quick hunt around a charity shop for old earrings or pendants.

5)  Pom-Pom Necklaces

These are super easy and look really sweet.  I like the idea of maybe using a mixture of fabric’s on the one necklace to make it a little more quirky.

Those are just a few ideas that are floating around my frazzled brain.  I’m sure there are loads more fun things to attempt, but I’m trying to narrow the amount of plates I’m spinning down so my head doesn’t explode, but feel free to share any of your own ideas (especially for boys – men are so hard to give gifts to, dontcha think?)! 

Next week I’m gonna share some thrifty Christmas decoration ideas!


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