Update 1 – Grotesquely Green?

Ok, so I’m only on Chapter 2 of this ‘get me green’ adventure.  One of the things I miss the most since becoming a mother is the ability to sit down and read for any length of time so I’ve been sneaking a paragraph in here or there of ‘Gorgeously Green’ over the last couple of weeks. Between Levi and the fact that there is a lot of information and reflection tasks involved in this book (which I actually really LOVE), it’s going slow!

The first chapter basically revealed that I am killing the planet.  I took an online survey on the GG website and also went through the checklist in the book to check out how savvy I am.  Having successfully remembered my bags-for-life at the grocery store TWICE last week, I was feeling a little big smug about how I would fair out. WRONG.

If those had been a real life survey/checklists that I had to hand in to the author, I would have been sneaking out of class early/the dog would have eaten it/I would have fake-cried (I perfected that one in High School) my way out of it.  There is a lot to learn when it comes to this subject, and it was immediately clear that the impact of my bags-for-life are only the tip of the slowly melting (because of global warming) iceberg (ice caps…glaciers….whatever…big ice thing).

The shame of my ignorance has not put me off though.  I’m so determined to have a cleaner, more kind to the world life for me and my family.  I really want Levi to get this too.  The book tells me it’s not hard, but it does involve some changes that can take some adjustment. 

I’m halfway through the second chapter now, which is all about beauty products.  I’ll save my horrors about that for another post, but I can tell you now that I went to bed last night genuinely worried about getting breast cancer from my deodorant.  Tonight is committed to googling the crap out of the suggested natural products in the book.

Anyone else reading with me and want to share some thoughts?

Stay tuned for Thrifty Thursday tomorrow – I’m going to share about my new found love for vinegar.  You’re totally excited right?


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