Thrifty Thursdays – Vintage Toy Suitcase

Having a baby is great.  Baby crap all over my house is not (not literal crap by the way – although there is a fair amount of that making it’s appearance as well.  I mean like, toys, blankets, books and nappies etc).  I know it’s all part of their development to have toys and stuff that makes noise etc. and I’m going to have to suck at some stage, but I’ve been trying to figure out a way for my living room not to not end up looking like some sort of grotto of primary coloured tat.

Enter the latest charity shop find! – Vintage Suitcases!

Oh the joys of your in-laws owning a charity shop!

I spotted a couple of these babies in The Hope Shop last weekend and their purpose was clear to me immediately:  Hide/display all of Levi’s toy junk in this baby:

So, I gave it a little wipe down inside and out and lined it with this wrapping paper that once adorned one of Levi’s baby presents.  It was too cute to just recycle in the paper bin, so I took the celotape off realllllly carefully and hung on to it in the hopes of maybe framing it or making cards or something out of it.  It’s the perfect size to line it for now, so I popped it in.

Simple as that.  The other bonus is that when people come over, I can throw everything in there quickly and shut it over and use it as a little coffee table! 


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