Apple Pickin’

Levi and I went to our friend Steph’s beautiful house for lunch today.  We’ve been friends for a good few years now and a few weeks ago she dropped into conversation that she has apple trees at her house!  I had no idea, so I promptly invited myself over to pinch some.

After we scoffed some seriously yummy homemade carrot and nutmeg soup we headed out to her garden to collect apples from the ground and pick them fresh off the tree. AMAZING! 

I reckon I’m not going to need to buy apples for a good few weeks as I’ve come home with a big bag of cooking apples and a bag for eating as well – now I need to go and google some fabby recipes to use apples in so I don’t end up eating apple crumble for the rest of my life. (which would be a massive burden, right?)

Does anyone have any must-try apple recipes?  Sweet or savory, I’m game for either.

(I look like I have a Michael Jackson nose in that picture above – what’s up with that?)


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