We Gave Thanks

A few weeks ago, our cell group from Church got together at our house to have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.  It was the week of Thanksgiving in Canada, and I miss having it so much that I thought I’d invite everyone around for a taste of Canadian eating!  I delegated out some traditional Thanksgiving recipes and everyone contributed.  From the appetizers to the dessert, it was just sublime – and really nipped my homesickness for my family during this holiday in the bud. I even had everyone taking their shoes off at the door and wearing slippers in true Canadian style!

At the end of the meal, we took it in turns going around the table, saying what we were thankful for over the last year.  It was evident that there were so many big life changing experiences in people’s lives that we were able to give thanks for and reflect back on (a wedding, 3 pregnancies, 2 babies, new jobs/businesses, trips overseas, good health…)

After we digested – we played some girl vs. boy games.  The boys seemed to win on paper, although some of their tactics were questionable to say the least.

There really is just something about being together around the table. 


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