Thrifty Thursdays – DIY Your Door

I saw this tutorial for a DIY fabric door wreath a while ago and thought I’d give it a go for this weeks edition of ‘Thrifty Thursdays’!  You literally need so little to make something so cute, which is my FAVOURITE kind of craftiness.  The more complicated and ‘not-already-laying-around-the-house’ type a project is and I switch off, so this was perfect(although I did have to nick a wire hanger from my neighbour!).

I chose sweet autumn colours for this one, but it’s SO easy that you could make up a few different ones for different times of the year (Christmas is coming!)…and don’t worry about having proper fabric around…anything will do:  old curtains, t-shirts, tea towels, table cloths…it’s all fabric!

Here are the steps!

Simple!  I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out! I hope nobody pinches it or I’ll deck them. 

A couple of friends and bloggers have joined the ‘Thrifty Thursdays’ bandwagon and have shared their thriftiness for the week!  Lu has shown how easy it is to use childrens books to fancify your house, and Living it Little is giving out tips on purse friendly present giving!  Check them out too!

How were you thrifty this week?


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