Thrifty Thursdays – Baby Gift Edition

When I was leaving London, some of my girlfriends threw me a lovely baby shower at Drink Shop Do.  My friend Laura made me a really lovely gift for Levi and it’s now hanging in his little room.  She had the idea to make a height chart out of fabric, complete with little cards to write names/dates/heights on. 

When our friends Al & Rachel welcomed little Anabel into the world last week, I thought it a good opportunity to try my hand at making one for them!

Here’s how I did it:

1) First, gather your supplies.  I added a few little embellishments but these are the basics (as well as a sewing machine – but if you’re game you could do it by hand!)

2) I cut a long strip of fabric, a metre long and sewed it together, inside out into a big long rectangle leaving only an inch of a gap at the bottom to pull the material through.

3) Pull the whole thing through the one inch hole to the patterned side of the fabric and insert the curtain weight beads through the hole and sew it up by hand.

4) Feel free to sew a little bit of something pretty on the top (I chose some tangerine lace).

5) I then sewed the bit of string on the top (with a little bit of ribbon, again, to pretty it up).  This is where you will hang it from so make sure it’s good and sturdy, going over it a few times with the machine to secure it well.

6) Take your packing tags and put your pins through the hole in them, adding a little something to brighten them up.  I chose little cream coloured bows!

7) Pin one on before to show how it works, and put the rest of them in a little bag or envelope.

8) Wrap it up pretty and you’re done! 

I reckon this took me about an hour from beginning to end (mainly cause the packing cards were the most fiddly to put together).  But simple right?! 

(Disclaimer:  This edition of Thrifty Thursday was half completed on Thursday and then I got distracted by Levi but I promise to be more diligent in the future!)


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