Sunday – making the most…

It’s here – September is here.

I was anticipating the normally ironic amazing weather that seems to appear when the kids go back to school but alas, it has yet to rear it’s beautiful head.

We were supposed to have a church picnic at Tannaghmore Gardents this afternoon, but in typical Northern Irish fashion, the heavens opened so we had to make do with eating our sandwiches in the Pavillion.  Nevertheless it was lovely to have a weekly catch up with friends.

It was such a stinker of a day, Steph and Levi even had to sport their Uggs…

After our indoor ‘picnic’, the sun decided to play, so we decided to make the most of the blue skies and headed for a quick walk over to the lakes.  Northern Ireland is such a beautiful country – if only we had a bit more sun and a bit less rain, we would never need to escape to hot destinations and travel agents would be out of business. 

I thought the fresh air might make Levi nice and sleepy but it’s 11pm, and he’s only JUST gone to sleep!  Anyway, here’s to a full night’s sleep (crossing my fingers and arms and legs and toes and eyes) and the start of another week rolling in!


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