Levi’s Room

I thought I’d put up some pics of Levi’s room, as it features some of the creativity of my friends – and in turn, some lovely gift ideas for friends having babies that are a bit beyond the usual!  We live in a rented house so we haven’t done it the way we would if it was our own, but I think it’s cute enough without being overboard!

(Above:  Chest of drawers from Ikea, stack of books including Dave’s first book, my first book, some penguin classics with the new swanky covers from Liberty, and some timeless Dr. Suess books that my friends in Canada sent over! I just set the baby ugg boots on top because they’re too cute not to be on permanent display!)

(Above:  We had these curtains from John Lewis in our bedroom in London.  We’ve transferred them over to Levi’s room now, and added some blackout fabric behind them.)

(Above:  This Owl & Cat picture is a Rachael Gardiner original.  I love it, and the vintage frame makes it so sweet.  You can see more of her AMAZING illustration & textiles here.  She also does custom pieces for special occasions…)

(Above:  We also got these Websters Dictionary picture cards at Liberty before we left London.  The cashier couldn’t find a price tag for them so we got them for a crazy bargain.  Eventually we will do something more creative with them to display them, but for now, it’s just a cute addition to the dresser.)

(Above:  My fab friend Laura made this gorgeous fabric height chart, which included little brown tag card labels & felt heart safety pins to attach on!  The fabric is so bright and cheery, with curtain weights sewn in so it strays straight.  It’s SUCH a simple but great idea, and so unique! We plan on getting as many of our family and friends pinned on the chart as possible.)

(Above:  Finally, my friend Jill, of Mildred & Myrtles, gave us this lovely little ladybird book bunting!  Again, such a simple but creative way to give a room a little colour!  I’ve recently been warned by the bunting police (Dave) to put a curb on the amount of bunting in our house…whatever.)

Anyway, there you go!  Some simple ideas for a baby’s room!


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