One mans trash…

It always amazes me the stuff that people give away.  My in-laws run a charity shop supporting overseas projects and they see the most incredible items appear at their door, ready to be sold on to another home for a second run. 

I’ve always loved a good rummage through charity shops and a lot of our house is kitted out in random bits and pieces.  There is nothing quite like finding something really original and useful for next to nothing. 

My friend, Chell was over visiting this week and we spent two days trawling through my local charity shops for some treasures – here are a few of my new additions!

(above:  This little wooden stag figurine is the perfect addition to our mantle of randomness £1 – Cottage Road Charity Shop)

(above: AWESOME mustard & muddy green curtains.  These babies cleaned up so well in the wash and are the perfect size and colour for my spare room.  I have not been able to find any curtains as nice as these on the high street, so I was really chuffed to see them. Even more so as they were only £5 – Drop Inn Charity Shop)

 (above:  Ceramic bowl – it’s pretty old, but very country chic, and only £2 – Cottage Road Charity Shop)

(above:  Rose cross-stitched table cloth – matches my favourite Avoca napkins (a splurge) and only £1 – Cottage Road Charity Shop)

(above:  Little tin plate/bowl – I’ll be using this as a little teaspoon/teabag holder in the kitchen.  50p – Cottage Road Charity Shop)

So there you go.  That’s my plug for shopping second-hand – get yourself down to your local charity shops to find some little gems (and support amazing causes while you’re at it)! Everyone’s a winner! 


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