3 Weeks In…

So here we are.  Two plus one.  Life as we knew it is changed forever.

Levi David Wiggins entered the world kicking and screaming at 1:19am on Thursday, May 26th, 2011.  

If you’re a boy, you probably won’t care about the next 5 mins of reading, but for all the ladies out there that care about this crap – here’s a little synopsis of my birth story…

Long (lonnnnnngggggg) story short, my waters broke on the Monday, I had two attempts at induction, finally got myself dilated enough (4cm) to go to the delivery suite (with a little help from the doctor that can now only be known as ‘Dr. Longfingers’ – if you are thinking the worst about what that nickname could mean, you’ve probably hit the nail on the head.).   From then, it’s a bit of a blur of gas and air with a hint of diamorphine (which if was easy to get a hold of, I’d definitely be a druggie).  After a few hours of good strong regular contractions (which against all my pre-labour fears, was TOTALLY do-able by the way), I hit the landmark of 10cm!  YAY for my cervix!

I had a great hands-on midwife with me at that stage, who I simultaneously wanted to hug because she was really empowering, and also punch in the face, because she took my gas and air from me so I could ‘“focus’”.  I pushed for 2 hours, however our little guy was coming through face up, and I wasn’t going to be able to push him out that way, so I (after a bit of a tantrum of tiredness) called for some pain relief so that the doctors could examine me to decide whether I could have a forceps/vacuum delivery.  It turns out neither of those were going to be a good option, so they gave me a spinal and he had to come out the sunroof.

At this stage it’s midnight on Wednesday and I had been up since Monday.  I thought I would be more annoyed about having to have a section, and when the docs came to break it to me that he would have to be cut out, they were so apologetic.  I think they expected me to be really gutted that I wouldn’t be able to have him naturally.  I was truly beside myself with exhaustion at this stage, so it was all I could do to not yell “NO WORRIES!  SCRUB IN, PEOPLE!”.  I wanted this kid out – it really didn’t matter at this stage how he came out, and I definitely didn’t feel like forceps or a vacuum delivery was going to be overly ‘natural’ for me at that stage!  

It was literally 15 minutes (at least it felt that short – could have been the diamorphine!) before I was prepped and Dave was by my head behind the big partition separating us from all the gore.   Another 10 minutes later, they had him out, held him up over the partition (Lion King style) and took him off to get cleaned and weighed and all that other stuff.  

And now he’s here.  Forever.  And we have to make sure he is OK.  All the time.

We’ve been in a bit of a beautiful tired haze for the last couple of weeks, and recovering from the slight body trauma of a c-section was not something that I had considered in all my pre-baby mental preparation.  Life with Levi is pretty amazing.  I know I’m biased, but he is actually really handsome.  And he sleeps!  Not all at once, but we can handle the interruption.  It’s amazing what your body can handle.

To be honest, I was really nervous about how having another member of ‘Team Wiggins’ was going to effect our dynamic, but I’m happy to say there is nothing more beautiful than watching your husband become a father.  

All in all we realise we have a lot to be thankful for.  We have amazing family and friends that have been keeping us sane with their visits and blessing us with food, support, gifts for Levi as well as helping with keeping the house from being a health and safety hazard etc. We’ve also been totally overwhelmed by everyones well-wishes on facebook and twitter. 

So if that’s you – a huge, smiley tired-faced, spew covered THANK YOU.  xo


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