Liberty of London

I took myself off for a little tour of one of London’s most beautiful landmarks.

Liberty of London stands in all its glory tucked away down a side street just off Oxford Circus. (which, by the way, is quite possibly the only street that makes me want to get hit by a bus just so I can get a break).

The goods are housed in a massive tudor mansion, Liberty & Co’s purpose built home since 1924 and as impressive as it is from the outside, the inside is something to behold!

It’s hard to imagine a shop more beautifully designed.  It’s not the kind of place you just ‘pop into’ to pick up a few things (unless you’re Madonna) – it’s definintely more of an ‘experience’.  I’d love to be on their visuals team…such a feast for the eyes! 

How beautiful is this wall of trinkets…

Brew anyone? (I mean, I think you could serve me just about anything in this and I’d love it)

These pretty birdy plates will definitely make an appearance on my imaginary Christmas list.

I spotted this really fab lamp and thought – I could probably do a DIY version of this myself – a few cups and saucers, a bit of wiring and bob’s your uncle!

I also loved this print – would look great as a feature piece in a living room.

Being a little crafty, imagine my delight when I wandered into the most beautiful haberdashery on the 3rd floor.  It was like a treasure trove of fabrics, ribbons, buttons and wool.  (Liberty are famous for their amazing fabric prints)

I spotted this gorgeous collection of fabric covered/bound editions of all the classics.  I thought it would be a fab wedding/birthday/anniversary gift. 

Finally – I really liked this quote…

So, I guess the moral of the story is – if you ever find yourself in London – Liberty is definitely worth a visit.  Even if you can only afford a postcard. 


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